We have been erecting pre-engineered steel buildings since 1994 — hangars,  churches,  warehouses, garages, horse arenas, homes, agricultural structures, and canopies. We have done construction as far east as Maine, as far south as Florida — we have also built in Alaska and Hawaii.

What you can expect from us

The steel building suppliers will supply the complete ‘steel kit’ along with architecturally certified stamped plans. All you need is the concrete pad, piers, or whatever base is required and we will handle the rest, leaving you with a structure completed according to the manufacturer’s specs.

Aside from handling any or all interior design needed, Faithlouie Management will handle all of the ground work for you: pricing cement and arranging bids for finishers; and providing schematic plans for electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other contractors in each field.

So the next time you need to feel confident  in the company you’re recommending for your client, or need that confidence yourself, give us a call.

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